Christine Forster

Liberal Councillor and Liberal Lord Mayoral candidate for Sydney.


Marriage Equality Twitter Event

The Conservative Case for Marriage Equality


Keep Sydney Open Rally

Keep Sydney Open rally in Martin Place on Saturday 18 February


Pyrmont Cares

New Truck Naming Ceremony


Hyde Park ANZAC Memorial Redevelopment

My request to the City of Sydney to make a financial donation to the redevelopment.


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My vision for Sydney is a city that is successful, sustainable and safe.

It’s a city that functions at its best so that living and doing business in Sydney is easy and enjoyable.

It empowers its people and enterprises to reduce their own environmental footprints.

It’s a community which ensures that we look after each other and no one is left behind.

It values its diversity, arts and culture, and it nurtures the special vibrancy of its villages.

It is a digital city that embraces the new technologies that are making our world more accessible and creative.

It’s a city which opens its arms to welcome visitors and to show them that Sydney is the best place on earth.

It works constructively with the other levels of government to achieve the outcomes we all need.

It is proud of its history, its importance to the nation and its unique responsibility to the people of metropolitan Sydney.

It looks ahead with optimism and plans positively and pragmatically for our future.

It’s a city for everyone.

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March 28, 2017


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March 1, 2017

City of Sydney Committee Meeting Public Questions Proposal

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February 28, 2017

Keep Sydney Open Rally – Martin Place 18 February 2017

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February 28, 2017

Twitter – The Conservative Case for Marriage Equality

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February 28, 2017

Clover Moore Spends Nearly $500k On Anti-WestConnex Protest Groups

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